Rhythm City Allstars

10234 Sunol Way, Sacramento, CA

About Rhythm City Allstars

About The Band: The Rhythm City Allstars is the band you need for your upscale event. Built from the ground up to be an entertainment group that will bring excitement, class, skill, and showmanship to your important gathering, RCA will leave you completely satisfied in your choice of live performance. We know what it takes to put on a show you can be proud of. Each member of the group has a minimum of 15 years professional experience playing cover music. Each musician enjoys an extensive background in the music and entertainment industries. From recording, to touring, to being cast members in movies and plays, the musicians and singers of the Rhythm City Allstars are nothing less than true professionals. Our set list includes not only songs that are extremely well known and liked, but also danceable and fun. We love what we do, and we want to bring quality entertainment to your next celebration. One of the unique things about RCA is that we are scalable. Our talented six piece core includes both male and female lead singers, as well as two guitars players, a bass player, and drummer who also sing. This core group is capable of putting on a show of any size that will keep your audience on the dance floor and having a good time. But if you wish for something bigger we have additional singers, a sax player, additional keyboard players, etc, that we can add in a moments notice to fulfill any desire. We dress to the occasion, and have complete respect for your event. You will never see an RCA member on stage looking like he or she just walked in off the street. If suits and ties are what the occasion calls for, we have you covered. If you wish a more dressed down but still unified look, we have you covered. And you will never have to be worried about how an RCA member carries him or herself before or after the show. We are professional entertainers first, last, and always. So if you need to impress and entertain a group of people look no further, the Rhythm City Allstars are your answer. We want to play for you.