Three Story Media

45 East Burlington #424, Riverside, IL

About Three Story Media

Three Story Media is a Chicagoland-based production company that creates videos and photography to drive business for brands and organizations. We're founded by visual storytellers with decades of experience. Three Story Media shapes and shares stories for brands and organizations with special emphasis on the authentic experiences of real people. Managing Director and Pulitzer-Prize winning photographer Alex Garcia is a visual storyteller who works with real people to shape compelling and emotional stories. Having won several awards and called “One of the World’s Leading Photojournalists," Alex has worked at some of the largest news organizations in the country. With his knowledge of crafting a message for a mass audience, Alex and the Three Story Media team collaborate with organizations and companies to communicate your message with authenticity. Clients enjoy his strategic thinking, hands-on creativity and personal approach to storytelling. While leading Three Story Media as its principal director on projects, Alex will help assemble top quality teams according to the needs of your production.