Rev. Phyllis Ann Min

3108 Floyd Avenue, Richmond, VA

About Rev. Phyllis Ann Min

You’ve chosen the perfect partner, the perfect clothing, the perfect time. Now it’s time to create the perfect wedding ceremony. Reverend Phyllis Ann Min officiates non-denominational and interfaith wedding ceremonies in the Commonwealth of Virginia and in the state of Arizona. She will also create special ceremonies for renewing wedding vows and for sacred unions. She performs weddings in a variety of settings and locations. Phyllis takes couples through an in-depth planning process so that she can fulfill their individual needs. Seeking just the perfect ceremony for each couple is one of her goals. Phyllis believes every couple’s ceremony should be personalized to reflect who they are as individuals and who they will be as a couple. She explores whether the ceremony is to be secular or non-secular and honors any special requests or family considerations. With her guidance and creative abilities, Phyllis offers valuable assistance concerning the flow of the dress rehearsal and the actual ceremony.