Congratulations! You have chosen to embark on one of life’s greatest adventures – the committed partnership between two people, each devoted to unconditionally loving the other, and to working together in common purpose and shared harmony. And just as you have chosen to formally sanctify the depth of your relationship, you are also about to choose the style of ceremony and the officiant that best reflects your personal, spiritual and emotional preferences. As a non-denominational interfaith minister, I hold the perspective that there is an essential and common spirituality underlying all of the world's faith traditions. It is a spirituality that speaks to the universal truths that resonate within our hearts, serving to authentically connect people on an intuitive level. I bring that authentic expression of spirituality to the ceremonies I jointly create with couples in such a way that the experience is sacred, elegant, meaningful, and transformative, resulting in a ceremony that you and your guests will remember. As a contemporary non-denominational wedding officiant, I enjoy working with people of all faiths, preferences, and spiritual paths, especially those who feel spiritual but not necessarily religious. I believe that our hearts choose our partners, and I celebrate marriage equality for all. I offer warm and distinctive ceremonies that support your beliefs, values and traditions. I am sensitive to the fact that many people are not certain of the style of ceremony that will best represent them. I delight in working with couples to assist them in gaining that clarity, so that together we can custom design a ceremony that is a unique reflection of you. I officiate at weddings, commitment ceremonies, civil unions, and the remaking of vows. I also officiate at all of life's transitions, including baby naming and blessing ceremonies. I practice throughout the Hudson Valley of New York, including the Catskill Mountain region, and cover the counties of Dutchess, Ulster, Columbia, Putnam, Westchester, Orange, Albany, and Greene. I am also available to officiate at weddings in the Berkshire Mountains of southwestern Massachusetts, as well as the western portions of Connecticut. Should you be traveling to the Hudson Valley as a destination wedding, I am very comfortable working remotely, and am able to coordinate all of the details of your special day in a way that will allow it to be a stress-free success. I look forward to having you contact me so that we can explore our synergy and the way in which we can complement one another while crafting a ceremony that is absolutely you.
Reverend Sara Henderson has performed close to 2,000 ceremonies during the past 14 years. She is a professionally trained interfaith minister and a graduate of The New Seminary, a 2 year interfaith seminary program in New York City. She was ordained at St. John’s The Divine Cathedral in New York City as an interfaith minister in 2003. She received additional professional training in creating and officiating Wedding/Marriage Ceremonies, Renewal of Vows Ceremonies, Baby Baptisms/Christenings/Baby Blessings, and Funeral/Memorial Services at The New Seminary. Her diverse experience includes working with couples coming from many different religious/spiritual and secular backgrounds including non-denominational Christian, Buddhist, Humanistic, Non-Religious, Wiccan/Pagan. Her goal in working with couples is to create and officiate a personalized heart-centered ceremony that reflect their relationship and their beliefs. Many of her couples come to New York City from all over the world and the USA for Destination New York City Weddings or to renewal their vows in a Destination New York City Renewal of Vows Ceremony. YOUR WEDDING CEREMONY Are you like many couples and don’t really know what type of ceremony you wish to be married with? Determining the type of wedding ceremony you wish to be married with is one of the first decisions the two of you must make. It’s usually easy if you have similar religious, spiritual, atheist, cultural or racial backgrounds.However, if you don’t have similar backgrounds you will need to find common ground. Reverend Sara has worked with hundreds of couples originating from different backgrounds, countries, cultures, religions & spiritual paths and is an expert in helping couples identify the type of ceremony that works best with their beliefs. Remember, it is most important that you both feel happy and comfortable with your wedding ceremony choice and your officiant. BABY BLESSINGS, BAPTISMS, CHRISTENINGS, NAMING & WELCOMING CEREMONIES A baby ceremony is a wonderful way to celebrate your baby’s safe arrival into the world in a formal way. It’s also the perfect opportunity for friends and relatives to greet this new member of the family with love and affection. And, for you as parents as well as for the God parents & grand parents to state your/their commitment to your child’s welfare. Reverend Sara will help you figure out which type of baby ceremony works best for you: a baby blessing ceremony, baby baptism, baby christening or baby welcoming ceremony! Whether you prefer a spiritual, interfaith, religious Christian, non-religious, secular or humanistic ceremony, Reverend Sara will offer you many choices from amazing ideas and samples. GAY/LESBIAN/SAME-SEX/TRANSGENDER MARRIAGE Are you a Gay/Lesbian/Same-Sex or Transgender couple planning to pledge your lives and hearts to each other in marriage? Wouldn’t you prefer to be married by a strong advocate for Gay/Lesbian/Same-Sex/Transgender marriage? Reverend Sara has officiated over 300 Gay/Lesbian/Same-Sex/Transgender marriages. She began officiating Gay/Lesbian/Same-Sex/Transgender marriages back in December 2008 when same-sex marriage was first legalized in the State of Connecticut.. Go to the following link for more about Reverend Sara’s LGBT weddings in Connecticut follow link: