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"Do you own a home in the Rexburg, ID area? Are you a landlord or a business owner? Carpet is everywhere, and we’re here to help keep it clean. From restaurants to doctor’s offices to single family homes, Primary Carpet Cleaning has it covered. Our professional carpet cleaners cover all of Rexburg and surrounding areas. Let us earn your business, make an appointment with us today and put us to work. We are confident in our services and will do a quality job at a fair price.Primary Carpet Cleaning services include professional residential carpet cleaning Rexburg, ID. If you are looking for carpet cleaners Rexburg, ID please consider our services. We have a professional, friendly staff that has been trained to work quickly and efficiently. We are able to remove tough unwanted stains and treat odor caused by pets or spills. We love the Rexburg area and are aware of some of the unique geographic challenges that face Eastern Rexburg. The dry dusty climate can make it difficult to keep carpets clean. Soil can easily blow in or be tracked in, causing the carpet to not only be dirty, but damaged as the tiny pieces of sand grind into the carpet fibers. Or process is as follows:Step 1: Remove Furniture You get to decide what furniture you want to have removed. Often, large entertainment systems, couches, and other furniture are difficult to move, and many people opt to let items such as these stay. Since the carpet underneath these items doesn’t typically see much foot traffic, the carpet does not become soiled, and when the day comes that you move the item, the carpet may only need some light vacuuming.Step 2: Pre-Vacuuming It is important to get as much soil out of the carpet as possible before cleaning. Soil that is dry will come out of the carpet much easier than when it is wet. Although we do not use as much water as many other carpet cleaning professionals the fact still remains that when any form of liquid is introduced to the soil, it essentially turns to mud and becomes much more difficult to remove. Step 3: Pre-Treating We spray just enough solution to dampen the carpet, followed by a small 2-3 minute waiting period giving time for the chemicals to do break down the soil. For areas of the carpet that are particularly dirty we may decide to add extra solution and give a little more time for the agents to break down the soil for a better clean and easier removal.Step 4: Agitation We use a rotary machine and make passes over the carpet. This removes the soil from the carpet fibers.Step 5: Post-Vacuuming / Extraction Any dampness left after we have gone over the carpet with our rotary cleaner will easily be removed during the post acuuming .Make an appointment today! Give us a call and let us show off our work, you will be sure to be impressed by our work, and the price! "
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