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About Jamie Gass Elvis Tribute Artist Regina, Saskatchewan

Jamie Gass Elvis Tribute Artist Regina, Sask


Such a wonderful new Elvis delight for us in Regina - An Eventective User from Regina, Sask

Finally covid rules have lifted somewhat and we were able to see you at your Public event in October. No place to sit and a sell out crowd like we all expected. How do you manage to keep up your energy? That shadow was 2 hours and 45 minutes long and everybody was wild for you as expected as well. We will be contacting you shortly in the event you can come out to Saskatoon. We are hoping covid stays away. Thank you so much for the show and well deserved standing ovation. Your wife is beautiful by the way.

Management Response
Hello and thank you so very much. My energy just seems to keep up with me. In a longer show like that the energy from the crowd just keeps me going. I practice every day and am constantly singing to keep my vocal range powerful so I never worry about doing all those power songs with the huge vocal endings. I look forward to coming out to Saskatoon and get calls all the time with various functions in the event Covid is completely lifted. Thank you so much for your comments and please take care. Jamie
Jamie Gass was superb entertaining at MooseJaw & District Senior Association for a Christmas Party - An Eventective User from Moose Jaw, Sask.

Jamie is a fabulous entertainer and he provided an evening full of laughter and lots of Elvis hits. His voice is amazing. Hopefully when we all can get back to normal we can have him back to entertain us because the comments after the show were please bring him back! Jamie and his wife Kimalisa over the passed year have been helping a lot of people survive through this Covid ordeal with their Facebook shows as Jamie sings his heart out every time he performs and Kimalisa is behind the scenes getting the right music ready, the right visual angles to view Jamie with and her enthusiasm during the performance is wonderful. Jamie doesn’t stop singing after 30 minutes he will entertain us for at least 90 minutes and sometimes more. They are an amazing couple. Hopefully we will get back to live performances in a few more months as I’m looking so forward to it.

Your facebooks shows. - An Eventective User from Regina, sask

Hi Jamie and Kimalisa, I just wanted to say your Facebook streams are a life saver. During these Covid times there isn’t much to do. I wait to see when the next show will be and Mark it on my calendar. I’ve never seen so much work that you must do to get all those different screens up etc. The shows are very exciting and I feel as though I’m watching a professional TV show. Thanks again so much for what you do. You two are the best. Can’t wait for the next one.

Management Response
Thank you so much. I know this past year has been so difficult for everybody. We are happy that we can do something to give people of all ages something else to see for a change. Thanks again, Jamie
Birthday Party for our mother - An Eventective User from Regina

JAMIE GASS was fabulous for our mothers surprise 85th birthday. We arranged for transportation for Jamie & his wife, Kimalisa, & his professionalism & personalized show, made the day, & his version of Hallelujah topped it off..... thank you Jamie & Kimalisa

Elvis Tribute - An Eventective User from Regina, Sask Fan

I have seen your Elvis tribute three times now and I have to say I’ve never been so impressed with your ability to people back to the 70’s. Hands down you are by far the best Elvis impersonator around here. Your personality and professionalism’s are so superior to what we are used to in Regina. Can’t understand why you are not at the Casina. That other guy there should go to one of you shows and perhaps learn something. I hope to see you again soon. Keep it up.

The tribute show - An Eventective User from Oxford Manor Regina

Mr.Jamie Gass you certainly know how to entertain a crowd. This was the best show we have ever seen in our location. Your Elvis is absolutely fantastic without and doubt. You should be performing on cruise ships or Las Vegas. Better yet, you should go to Memphis and perform as one of the contest ETA's. I'm so sure you would win. Thanks again for a wonderful evening and say hello to your gorgeous wife.

Management Response
Thank you very much. I had a great time performing for your party. It's really fun to do this with Elvis fans as it makes my job easier. Thanks, Jamie
Thank You - An Eventective User from Marian Chateau

Your performance was great. Everyone enjoyed it. They are still talking about it. Can't wait to see your next show.

Management Response
Hello and thank you for your recommendation. We had a great time performing for your residents. Thanks for re-booking as we anticipate another fun evening. Thanks again, Jamie
Elvis Lives - An Eventective User from Regina, SK

What a fantastic Christmas Party you did for the Victoria Care Home Faclity. You have many fans and to the point they even wipe your face for you during the show. w Wow, now that means something. These people just love you so much and so many fantastic compliments. You are the best Jamie and we will see you again in February. Take good care and Merry Christmas to you and Kim.

Management Response
Thanks again. It is always special to perform for your seniors. I look forward to our next show there. Take care, Jamie
Queen Victoria Estates - An Eventective User from 2025 Heseltine Road

What a phenomenal fantastic performance ever in our Community..From the bottom of our hearts A billion Thank you for sharing your talent to our lovely seniors.. We will definitely do more bookings with you..

Management Response
Thank you so very much. It was a real special evening and we look forward to the next show. I had a chance to record some requests from your residents. I'm sure they will enjoy them. Take care, Jamie
Victoria Park Personal Care Home - An Eventective User from Regina, SK

Hello Jamie, I saw your show at the Victoria Park Care Home last night and I told you that I would give your show a recommendation. I can't believe how professional and so entertaining. You are one of a kind as I saw you in the summer this year. The people there just loved your show so much and will talk about until you're back there in December. You have such a beautiful voice and the power of it alone at times shook the walls. I can't wait to see you again doing Elvis. Regina needs to know about you. And please say hello to your sweetheart wife for me.

Management Response
Thank you so much for your kind words. I've said it before that performing for Seniors is the best job in the world. See you soon, Jamie
I saw the show. Excellent entertainer Jamie Gass and the screen band was fantastic too. WOW. - An Eventective User from Regina, SK

I saw Cookin with Gass performing at that beautiful hotel home.What a fantastic job. Amazing that one fellow could do all that. The Elvis show was over the top as well. You should be in Vegas.

Management Response
Hello and thanks for the recommendation. My virtual is really fun to watch and to perform with. I'm so happy you had a good time and we appreciate the future performances that you have booked. Take care, Jamie
What a fantastic group. Bands like this you just don't find anymore. - An Eventective User from Regina, SK

This band has taken the time to give back to our community. Thanks guys so much. That kind of thing just never happens anymore.

Management Response
Hi Marg, Sorry it took so long to respond as you know I have been a bit busy however that is no excuse. I'll try to do better with my next reply. Very nice comment and you're right that not too many performers do this. Take care, Jamie
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