Secoges Photographics

2549 Joshua Drive, Reading, PA

About Secoges Photographics

Secoges Photographics is located at Reading, PA. Secoges Photographics was founded in 1987. The Owner and Photographer, John A. Secoges, has worked in many aspects of the photo business for over 20 years. John's diverse background in the industry was molded by developing film for labs, working in a dark room, selling cameras, shooting news for local, state and national newspapers and publications, shooting weddings and portraits for his own business, and being photo editor for various publications. Working for the Reading Eagle, the local newspaper, for seventeen years has also given John a variety of subjects to photograph in unique situations. John works with an assistant, his wife, Judi. She assists primarily at weddings and other large photo shoots. The rest of her work is usually found behind the scenes, doing mostly computer work that is essential to keep the business functioning and John behind the camera.