A Touch Of Elegance

31 Wall Street, Randolph, NJ


Beautiful Florist for a Wedding - An Eventective User from Hillsborough, New Jersey

I feel as if the flowers in a wedding are integral to the ambiance and the mood that is set on one of the most special days in a person's life. When I was looking for a floral arrangement with my partner, one of the things that we decided is that we were going to put a lot of effort into finding a great florist that provided affordable, stylish flower arrangements that fit the theme and mood of our wedding. A Touch of Elegance was the florist that we chose and looking back, I think we made the right decision. Right of the bat, the staff at A Touch of Elegance understood the importance of our occasion and gave us their full attention towards picking out the perfect set of arrangements for our wedding. There were many different orange floral arrangements which is the color that we were looking for, which was very surprising as a lot of different companies did not carry this color in bulk. I was happy with the set up at our wedding as everything looked fresh and smelled beautiful, adding to the overall effect of people's moods and the vibrancy of the night. I feel that we also received a great deal for quality flowers, as the arrangements went under our budget while still maintaining the quality we were looking for. After the wedding, the flowers lasted for a long time, proving that we were given a great product from A Touch of Elegance. Highly recommended!