Bill's Toupee

Poughkeepsie, NY

About Bill's Toupee

BILL'S TOUPEE. For over 10 years The Hudson Valley’s most recommended wedding band by caterers, photographers, brides & grooms. • Performing generations of great dance music with a sincere and contagious energy that sounds like the original artists live. • No over-emceeing and no cheese! • Just the right music, played at the right volume, at the right time. • From a cappella to Alicia Keys, Motown to Maroon 5, Bon Jovi to Build Me Up Buttercup, Summer of ‘69 to swing, Katy Perry to Pink, Footloose to Funkytown, disco to Devil Went Down to Georgia. BILL’S TOUPEE will make your wedding reception entertainment a unique, well played, and uncommon surprise for your family and friends. • A five-piece dance/cover band with 5 vocalists. BILL’S TOUPEE is a pop/dance/cover band as compared to more traditional type wedding bands. 'POP' meaning popular music covering all the generations of your guests. 'DANCE' meaning we're very adept at not only segueing songs from one to another (a key to dance floor success that no MP3 demo will shed light on), but very attuned to reading the crowd in real time and effectively controlling the ebb and flow of energy. Unlike most bands, we never use a set-list. The situation is always the boss. 'COVER'meaning we use the original recording as our template to reproduce the song. We don't stylize our renditions and believe most people prefer to hear songs the way their accustomed to hearing them. BILL’S TOUPEE- The difference • VOCALS We are a band of lead singers, so our vocal diversity and harmonies are excellent. We'll even do an a cappella song or two before dinner. Most bands typically have a lead male and female vocalist with other background singers. As good as any one individual voice may be, there's a tendency over the course of a four-hour reception for there to be sameness in sound. This is a non-issue with many singers to draw from. • MINDSET We are very much designed to be the alternative to the typical cookie-cutter style wedding band in our repertoire, our stage energy, our concise delivery of moving through songs, and our appreciation for folks that have no desire to hear cheesy music or be 'over emceed' throughout the night. • APPROACH The right music played at the right volume and at the right time will make people dance who are at all inclined to. We are well aware that the band is just one of many wonderful things to tune into during your reception. We never feel compelled to draw people to the dance floor by our words, only our intuitive choice of songs. • OUR JOB Your contact and bandleader is a long time and full-time musician who is always there for you when you need him and knows that in the end, his only job is to make you look good for hiring us. If Bill’s Toupee is not the right fit for you, we’ll be the first ones to tell you and will help you find the right band through our vast referral network of fellow professionals.