Rip City Grill

3890 SW Moody Ave Portland, OR

Rip City Grill, An Eventective User from Portland, Oregon

You know you're getting a delicious sandwich when you come here. No question. Just be prepared to wait for it. He's most famous for the Tri-tip sandwich - incredible, and I'm not even a huge cow products fan. The chicken sandwich is also delicious and recommended. If you're really hungry (like I usually am), get the Tri-tip sandwich AND the grilled cheese. Now this isn't your run of the mill grilled cheese. He toasts the buns on his gas grill. The cheese gets thrown straight into the pan. Remember how mom would make your grilled cheese and a little would dribble down the side onto the pan? You get that flavor the whole way through the sandwich. This guy was all by himself out on the S. Waterfront about a year ago. Since then 2 more carts popped up next store. He's not he friendliest dude around, but he doesn't need to be, considering what he's feeding you. Be prepared to wait in line! Not uncommon to wait for 30-45 minutes before you get your food. He does take phone-in orders, and if you know what you want (tri-tip sandwich), I recommend doing that. There are a few picnic tables (under cover) that fill up but usually people are in a big enough hurry after waiting for their food, and they're starving so they inhale it, that the turn around is quick and you're likely to score a seat. If you're a meat eater, and you like sandwiches, this is definitely one of the first food carts I'm taking you to.

Sherwood, OR  
We are a scratch kitchen specializing in quality local foods served family style or buffet style. Our chef, Rachel, has been collecting recipes for comfort food favorites, Northwest style meat & fish dishes, fresh breads, sauces & dressings while working at her family owned restaurant in Sherwood. Our guests rave about the food, often saying "this is the best catered food I've ever had." We offer full bartending services as well.