Fyood Kitchen

72 Parris St, Portland, ME

About Fyood Kitchen

Fyood creates cooking competition parties that inspire connection, empower creativity, and challenge teamwork. We believe you don't have to be a master chef to cook creatively and have a ton of fun doing it. Everyone is welcome and there is absolutely no experience required! You can check out our Instagram Highlights for behind-the-scenes clips from a few recent parties to learn more about how Fyood usually looks and feels, although every party is unique. How Fyood works: You'll play an introductory game and take a kitchen tour, then cooks split into teams of 2-4 to tackle the savory round, starting with opening the basket of mystery ingredients. With the help of the fully-stocked pantry and their own culinary imaginations, teams spend 45 challenging and hilarious minutes turning the mystery ingredients into a delicious, beautiful, and creative dish. When time's up, teams present their dishes, and everyone sits down to enjoy the creations together before judging the results. Then we do it all again for the sweet round! If desired, a couple people can play as a separate, non-cooking panel of judges, or everyone can play as both a cook and a judge. Fyood is BYOB for beer and wine, or we can provide bar service for an additional charge if preferred. We provide everything else, including: -beautiful professional kitchen -commercial cooking equipment -creative mystery ingredient baskets -fully-stocked pantry -chefs' hats and aprons to wear -kitchen assistants -sparkling water and ice -winners' swag -six-course dinner! (cooked by you!)