Stock the Bar

206 Narvaez Street, Port Saint Joe, FL

About Stock the Bar

Stock the Bar is full bar services and event staffing services. We are fully insured, liquor and general liability! Most venues require this from your bar service providers. This is peace of mind! Rates are for up to 4 hours of actual event time. We do show up 2-3 hours before the event for set up, this is included in the price. In all, we are on site for 7 - 8 hours (included in the quote), as this is the time frame it takes to complete the job. I can also provide an alcohol guideline. Unlimited consultation is included. We Provideā€¦. Set-up and break down, up to four hours of actual event time, 1-4 bartenders (based on event size), bar (when applicable), black linens (when applicable), shaker, wine key, knife, can opener, strainer, cutting board, towels, tip jar (when applicable), coolers, bar mats, plastic cups (9 oz. for wine & shots, 12 oz. for mixed drinks, & 16 oz. for sodas, tea & keg beer), straws, napkins, toothpicks, limes, cherries, olives, bar nuts, trash cans, trash bags and 300-400 lbs. of ice. If you have to provide all of this yourself, it is costly and quite the headache:) You Provide... Sodas, Juices, Mixers, Waters and all Spirits. We can provide suggested amounts for guest attendance! We can also create signature drinks and themed menus! We make for a worry-free bar. Remember we are not just your bartender, we are your liquid caterers. Let us know if you would like to book! Thanks for contacting us and we look forward to hearing from you! Sabrina Evers *NOT DISPLAYED* *NOT DISPLAYED* Please check out our website at and our GREAT reviews on our Facebook Page:)