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About CameraConquerors

Never miss a moment, every photo is a window to a memory. Our purpose is to turn your candid, emotional moments into memories that lasts forever. Tears of joy, the hint of a smile before every kiss, the laughter when scrambling for the bouquet. These are a few of our favorite things.  We love the excitement of capturing the sparks fly: as the lights turn on, your eyes first meet, and your lips first touch. The first chapter of your story together that will be shared with generations to come. Your wedding photobook will be a symphony of emotions that capture you, for you. For your special wedding our goal is for our personalized photographic art to hang on your wall for 50 years as a timeless reminder of the vows and love that keeps you forever young. You'll love these photos for a 1000 years.  We were just young teens when we first did photo/video for a wedding. Our whole family came together showing love like never before. During the father daughter dance, our grandpa asked the groom to come and join them. The special moment being shared as a family had everyone in tears of joy that glued us together through the good and the bad. Only fools rush in, that’s why we’ve become experts at capturing instant moments and editing masterpieces. You never forget who turned your magical wedding into framed memories, so we’re excited to not just be your friends but the family you get to choose. We want you to be proud to say you’re working with Austin and Alison Zeli of the Camera Conquerors. We can't wait to be there tearing up at your beautiful wedding and tell you. Darling, you look perfect tonight. Call or video chat us anytime.