About Texas Pearl Band

Four fine musicians playing your favorite country and classic rock songs. Seasoned musicians who believe in delivering a sound performance (pun intended). Collectively, we've played D clubs (that's right folks, the places with chicken wire on the front of the bandstand) to A clubs. Festivals, parades, parties and just about every kind of event you can imagine. But enough about when we were young, now we're old, as you can tell by the gray hair and lack of hair. We've given up the rowdy bad boy ways and settled into the good life. So we are looking to get phat playing for folks in the Dallas/Ft. Worth and surrounding areas (that includes those Okies up past the Red River). Like to line dance, two step, waltz? We have the songs for you. Give us a listen on our music page...one pass home recordings but you will get the idea. We work cheap!! Hire us !! You woan't be disappointed !!