Mobile Photo Lounge - Albuquerque

Placitas, NM
Electrify your wedding reception, graduation party, quinceanera, corporate event and more with extreme fun in our elegant, spacious, customizable Mobile Photo Lounge. Options for Lounge backdrops, surrounds and seating are virtually limitless--we can dress it up for a formal affair, dress it down for a wild party or anything in between! There’s nothing like the excitement that builds around the Lounge during an event. Whether it's draped in luxurious fabrics, illuminated with colored lights, or under an outdoor canopy, the Lounge is a thrilling and inviting attraction. There's plenty of room for large groups, and the Lounge is wheelchair accessible. Once inside the Lounge, guests playfully jostle for position and suddenly freeze for the camera. Hearing laughter, other guests gather to watch the action and eagerly await their turn. The whole scene quickly becomes high entertainment. After their photo session in the Lounge, guests can share and trade photos or add a duplicate print and personal note to your photo guestbook--a treasured keepsake of your event. Each print commemorates your celebration with your personalized message or event name and date on the photo border. We also offer the popular green-screen technology that displays a photo backdrop of your choice on the print. What a great way for you and your guests to remember your time together—and all the fun everyone had in the Mobile Photo Lounge!