Sky Messages by Sora

Pittsburgh, PA

About Sky Messages by Sora

I come from a family of tarot readers and have been reading for most of my life. I started reading professionally in 2018. I offer readings that give non judgmental insights into who you are and how to make the most of what is going on in your life. I have many options for types of tarot readings, my specialties being past life influences and past life connections along with readings custom designed for your needs. I teach tarot along with some other divination related topics and I have published a journal for learning tarot and using it to learn about yourself. I am available for remote readings as well.

Event Pricing

Remote Readings
$70 - $100 /hour
Pricing for all event types
Readings for Events
$100 - $115 /hour
Pricing for all event types
  • Special Features: With an intuitive reading, I draw cards and use the imagery and knowledge of the card to relate a story and insights. How long readings are will depend on number of guests and event. I have numerous spreads (the layouts for the readings) that can be used.