A Soulful Commitment

Pittsburgh, PA

About A Soulful Commitment

A Soulful Commitment is located at Pittsburgh, PA. Reverend Dina has been living in the Pittsburgh Area since 2007. She lives in North Hills with her children and her husband Glenn. Dina would be honored and bring great joy to assist the guests in crossing this threshold together with a meaningful and memorable ceremony. She looks forward to meeting with client and creating a beautiful ceremony to share with their friends and family. She believes that a ceremony speaks to many couples who see it as an intention of how they want to blend their lives together. It is a sacred union, with vows that two people believe in with all their hearts. When clients are ready to start planning their ceremony, she will show few ideas that can use as a foundation to design the ceremony. Dina offers services for events such as wedding, commitments, renewing vows, handasting and baby blessings.