Steele Sound

526 E Piute Ave, Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ

About Steele Sound

The STEELE SOUND is a three piece steel drum ensemble delivering the highest quality Caribbean style musical entertainment available. Performing on authentic steel drum instruments of the finest craftsmanship, the STEELE SOUND will enhance any function with musical tones of exceptional quality. Think of using the STEELE SOUND if you are looking for entertainment to enhance a Caribbean evening, a Hawaiian luau, an evening in the Tropics, a dinner Cruise, a wedding, a surprise birthday party or any event in which an island atmosphere is being created. Your guests will immediately be transported to a wonderful musical environment, experiencing the unique and captivating tones created by an island steel drum band. In addition to enhancing your evening by their performance, the STEELE SOUND can share some history and insight into the development of this instrument that was created as recently as the 1940's. Jerry Lopatin, the originator of the Phoenix based STEELE SOUND was one of the first American musicians to learn these unique instruments native to the Caribbean island of Trinidad back in 1967. Having played professionally in New York City for many years, Jerry was the first musician to introduce the sound of steel drums (pan) to the Valley of the Sun back in 1974. The STEELE SOUND most frequently performs in a trio setting. Along with Jerry are his partners Jane LeGore and Julie Moody, creating Arizona's “premiere” steelband. The group can scale down to a duo for small gatherings or for clients on a very limited budget, Jerry offers a solo performance without sacrificing musical quality. The STEELE SOUND is unsurpassed in the quality of their musical performance, appearance and professionalism.