About SpinElements

We specialize in amazing, top notch fire and LED performances that will wow your guests and enhance their experience at your event! Our large array of props explode, spark, and dazzle the audience. We are centrally located near Phoenix, AZ. Check out our website at www.SpinElements.com -Safety- Fire performing is dangerous yet we actually make it quite safe with our skill and experience. In addition each performer carries insurance that covers the venue up to $1M per occurrence and $2,000 General Aggregate. An onsite safety assistant is at every show to maintain performer, audience, and venue safety. -Price- Fire: $250+ We are priced by performance time, amount of performers, and distance. LED: $200+ -Requirements- A 12 by 12 foot area free of obstacles is recommended, however, we can work with smaller spaces. Indoor fire performances are common but they require stricter guidelines. Please contact us so we can discuss what we can provide in the space you have available.