Magical Options - Themed Magical Entertainment

Phoenix, AZ
Enjoy the Amazing Magical Entertainment of Gary Lazok as he offers a unique and fascinating Magical performance. With his Close-Up Magic, table, strolling or stage, These wonderful shows are performed in a light hearted manner as Gary mixes comedy, magic, and quick wit, making the shows very popular and entertaining to watch. You and your or guests will become spellbound while watching what appears to be miracles happening right before your eyes. Everybody will have a great time (and not vanish too soon), as they may even participate in helping to create an astonishing display of incredible and unbelievable Magic*. Some of the Magic will actually appear in "Their Hands", creating wonderful memories that will last forever... (Wink/Smile)... Special note; Gary also offers "themed shows"... Ex; The Wild Western Wonders, The Magical Sports show, Casino Magic, The Magical Mystery show. Or, he can custom design a show to fit your special event. From children’s parties to teens, adults to grandparents, or dinner and holiday parties to corporate events, these Amazing close-up or stage shows are fun, exciting & enjoyable for anyone at any age. Amazing *Magical Fun* for Everyone! Book Now for best available dates and times.