About Dr. Larry Edmonds

Why Do They Keep Asking Me to Fill In? I’m Dr. Larry Edmonds. I’ve always been that fill in guy. I once did a guest lecture at a university and, two months later, when the professor retired, I was asked to fill in until they found a replacement. Nearly five years later, I left. I was once asked to fill in for a few weeks when a manager left a previous employer. I filled in for over a year. I seem to thrive on filling in when someone else cannot fulfill their commitment. Most recently, I’ve been asked to fill in for speakers who were unable to keep THEIR commitments. I can often step in with only a day or two notice – anywhere in the United States or Canada. If it weren’t for the pre-printed meeting program, no one in the audience might know I was filling in. The show MUST go on, so I fill in…dependability and engaging presentations are among the reasons I am repeatedly asked to fill in. Need a fill-in? Or even a regularly booked speaker for YOUR meeting, conference, or convention? I hope you’ll keep my information for future consideration.