Couple of Bartenders

3145 E Chandler Blvd, 110-522, Phoenix, AZ

About Couple of Bartenders

We have several bartenders on staff, both male and female, that specialize in different areas of flare; from your wine connoisseur to your “Cocktails and Dreams” show bartenders, we have it all! To reference the movie Hangover, we started with a two man wolf pack. Our pack has grown to several staff, and many returning customers. Couple of Bartenders is a licensed and insured business. This means we do have a business license and have a liability insurance policy which covers you and your guests while we are serving your event. A copy of this can be provided within your personalized drink portfolio upon request. Each bartender is Title 4 Certified (Arizona Liquor Certification). This means each of our bartenders has taken and passed the state required certification. This certification educates a bartender on state laws and serving guidelines which allows our bartenders to serve alcohol, safely.