Susan K Studios

616 Petoskey Street, Petoskey, MI

About Susan K Studios

I love what I do, and those I do it for. Photography is more than just a photo, or a photographer. It’s about a story. A story that no one else can tell but the one in front of my lens… I just happen to be there to record it. And isn’t that the most beautiful part? We all are loved, and have someone we love. But life happens, kids grow, people change, and others leave our presence way too quickly. More importantly,  all these loved ones have stories to share. Photography has always spoken to me… so what else could I do but help record what needs to be seen, heard and remembered.  I really believe a truly good image talks beyond words. But what story is it telling? What story are YOU telling? Gather your loved ones, I’ll pick up my camera, and listen close because together we have the opportunity tell the most beautiful story every told. Yours.