About Weddings Unlimited

??See our Upfront Pricing Now weddings-unlimited.com/bundles We offer: Photography ??? Videography ??? DJs ???Photo Booth ?? Lighting and Special Effects?? Celebrate Like You Mean It! Weddings Unlimited is the ultimate wedding vendor that offers UNLIMITED TIME professional services! We specialize in providing premium Photography, DJs, Videography, Photo Booths, & Photo Booth VW Buses, Getaway Cars and all kinds of great special effects.. Our Vision: At Weddings Unlimited, we aspire to provide completely custom high end services at a cost that allows you to still have money to start your new lives together. Our Mission: We will CAPTURE memories with our photographers, videographers, and photo booths of your biggest celebration. We’ll help CREATE those special moments with our DJs, Special FX, and getaway cars what will ensure your wedding vision is brought to life without a time limit and at an affordable cost. We ensure perfection by highly pre-planned, overly practiced, well thought out events. Our Objective: We offer upfront pricing with everything included (never any surprise fees!). Completely custom: you’ll choose your shooting and editing style, your music, your vibe. Easy and comprehensive timeline planning FREE! No catch, it’s all included. Our captures never contain watermarks or logos, you own all copyrights.
  • Special Features: We offer UNLIMITED TIME on the day of your wedding!