Life & Rain Photography

Payson, AZ
Why did you choose the name Life & Rain Photography? The answer of this question actually tells you a lot about myself. Life means so much and has many different meanings to a individual. Life means that small bump starting to appear on a mothers belly. It’s the bond of grandparents with their grandchildren. Its the beginning of a new life with the one that you have fallen in love with. No matter what we have or don’t have, we have life and the ones around us to give us life. These are moments are real and pure and they need to be captured. What is Rain? Rain is the essence of life. I am also a gardener and any gardener will tell you that it doesn’t matter how much you water and feed your plants nothing does a plant better than rain. I have always been a fan of rain. I love watching the rain fall down is an amazing feeling. I love the cool drops hitting my warm skin. The sound of the rain hitting everything, from the roof of the car to the patio. I love the slight wind that blows the mist in to my face. I enjoy watching the beautiful clouds that make the rain that is falls. I love the smell of the ground when the first raindrops fall. But I especially love the romantic feeling I get as I watch it fall. And that’s what my photography is all about. Its romantic, its real, its pure, its art… its the art of life. I’m an artist who loves showing what I see when I look at someones life. This exists in real live, every day, in regular people and it is breathtaking! I realize the privilege I have being there to photograph your intimately beautiful moments. When you allow me to photograph your life you are letting me show you what I see in my perspective. And what is my perspective? The emotion, the romance, the life. I see the connection of life and love in the moment and that is my photography, capturing that moment.
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