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About Vanity Makeup

Animal testing is becoming obsolete due to cruelty-free cosmetics. Animal experimentation is rarely justified, yet some companies continue to subject animals to these torturous tests. Cruelty-free products utilize the forty tests conducted to evaluate products without using animals. These businesses use substances and chemicals that have already been approved. Giving back to an organization that upholds moral values and its mission is a great way to inspire the group and make a difference in the world. Companies that do not use animal products have a stake in global issues such as climate change and the extinction of animal species. For these reasons, they have partnered with organizations and agreed to donate a portion of each transaction to these worthy causes.
  • Special Features: Cruelty-free Makeup Vegan Makeup Contour Palette Contour Makeup Eyeshadow Palette Nose Contour Nose Contour Brush