About Little Black Dress

Energetic, Classy, Stylish and Original… that is how you will describe every event with Little Black Dress! Misti reinvents her style and creates a new concept for each client, while interpreting every trend and, in turn, allowing each venue her distinct point-of-view. Misti has built a respected reputation based upon the warm, collaborative relationships she creates with vendors, artists and fellow planners and event stylists in every area she has had the privilege to work! Her network of talented professionals, along with her cutting-edge style, is what makes each Little Black Dress event a truly original experience. Misti began her journey in the events industry in 2001 when she assumed the role of Event Coordinator for a luxury country club in Wilmington, NC where she planned and managed all weddings and social events. It was there she found her passion for working one-on-one with clients. “A new passion is born with each of my clients," says Misti. "Their fashion sense, their culinary choices, their worldliness, what simply makes them laugh – all of these things combined assist me in making decisions about their event and in turn will ensure a truly personal expression of who they really are." For well over a decade of planning and styling innovative, trendsetting weddings & events in North Carolina, South Carolina, West Virginia and Ohio, Misti still says her favorite part of each event is the few hours of beautiful, organized chaos that ensues the day of the event. “You can draw as many diagrams and make as many plans as you want, but you never know, until you are physically in the space on that day, exactly how things are going to come together. There are always unpredictable challenges I will have to tackle and that is one reason I am so good at my job. It is in those hours of building each element of the event and being creative in that moment I really discover the joys of what I do. It never ceases to inspire and excite me.” Misti’s work has been featured in national and regional publications including Rock N Roll Bride, Borrowed and Blue along with West Virginia Weddings Magazine. Misti has also been awarded “Best of West Virginia” for Wedding and Event Planning the past two years.