heavenly Doves

623 South A St, Oxnard, CA

About heavenly Doves

Heavenly Doves provides a breathe taking white dove release for any occasion. We are passionate and dedicated to give you the most amazing experience for your event. It is truly a moment that will stay with you forever. Your special day wouldn’t be complete without a beautiful white dove release to top off the magical kiss that makes you husband & wife. You will remember that very moment for the rest of your life. A white dove release will add something special and be a completely unique experience everyone remembers. Our graceful pure white birds soaring up and circling overhead will surprise and awe your guests with their unexpected beauty. A white dove represents eternal life, love, happiness and unity. They signify the celebration of the beginning of your new union together. This is a unique way to express that special love and joy you are feeling on your wedding day.