Oviedo Florist

1419 West Broadway, Oviedo, FL


Friendly and reliable! - An Eventective User from Orlando, Florida

I would highly recommend the Oviedo Florist for any event that requires (or would like!) flowers. My local Key Club wanted to sell flowers to young lovers (at a local high school) on Valentine's Day in hopes of raising money to donate to the cause of finding a cure for breast cancer. Oviedo Florist was more than willing to help! They helped us clip and trim over two hundred roses and assorted flowers to sell. They were friendly and extremely helpful in helping us select specific colours and sizes for flowers. Not only that, but they helped work out a price in which we could easily pay them back after fundraising. I think Oviedo Florist is probably one of the most helpful florists shops I have been to, I have also used their services during the funeral for the passing of a close friend's aunt. They provide extremely decorative and memorable pieces. My father has also used their services on anniversaries and birthdays for my mother and his sisters.