Darlaine Foley

#23- 811 Connaught Avenue, Ottawa, ON

About Darlaine Foley

Dar or "Darklane" has always had a vision of the unseen world that has guided her and surprised those briefly travelling the path with her. Born of an Irish and Scots lineage, blended in Ireland during leadership struggles and with family ties including the likes of Bonny Prince Charlie and other well known rascals. Influenced, in this century, by colourful and creative parents and grandparents including her mother, Elaine, who passed on Tea Leaf reading wisdom during trips to China Town in Montreal. Many years of occult study and thousands of readings sharing individual experiences are at the foundation to the powerful guidance offered by Dar. Constant curiosity and a flair for the theatric with a passionate outlook add spice to the insightful visions through various forms of divination. Be prepared, A presence from the past may even make themselves known during sessions. She has a flair for sharing a feeling of calm before during or after challenging and mysterious life experiences. Be prepared to be given messages regarding your life’s path and how to make it work or what changes are the order of the day . An extremely telling and vibrant message will be yours.Also Individual readings available by phone, Facebook Video Chat or email.
  • Special Features: OTTAWA PSYCHICS – STEVE AND DARLAINE Ottawa Psychics, Darlaine and Steve, can provide you with something different than the normal Psychic reading. Most likely, to be the highlight of everyone’s day and talked about for weeks to come, Darlaine and Steve