Sax Appeal Ottawa

2016 Wildflower Drive, Ottawa, Orleans, ON

About Sax Appeal Ottawa

Sax Appeal is a unique and versatile ensemble comprised of Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Baritone saxophones. With our distinctive sound, we specialize in providing appropriate live background entertainment to enhance the ambiance of sophisticated functions that require the finest of touches. Comprised of just four saxophones, we are equally comfortable playing either classical music or jazz to suit whatever look and feel you need for a particular event. Sax Appeal is exceptionally elegant for cocktail parties, ceremonial / reception music at weddings, gala and corporate events, wine tastings, art exhibits or holiday / Christmas parties (to name a few). To make any event truly unique and one to remember, you need to have an ensemble that is as equally distinctive. Bring elegance, class and lasting memories to an event by working with Sax Appeal! OR we would be pleased to book any other kind of live music your event requires! Always the right feel with Sax Appeal!
  • Special Features: Live music for weddings, conferences, gala's, receptions, wine tastings, parties or any other event that needs musicians.