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About fotoShout

fotoShout™, a software-based photography solution, uses permission based marketing to extend the value of branded images for conventions, brands, sponsors, charities and sporting/concert/corporate events to increase profitability, brand reach and social engagement by an average of 5,000%. It’s a simple yet powerful shift in the way brands can promote while driving untapped revenue. Our technology leverages event participants to extend profitability and visibility without using interruptive marketing techniques. To do so, we set up at each event to photograph attendees, creating a branded image. During this process, we give them a hard copy of their image, capture publishing permissions and their email address. We then send them an email with a link to access the digital copy of their picture. This link directs them to a specific online destination (landing page, website or social media channel) where their picture is placed along with targeted promotions that could relate to the event’s sponsors, brands or feature of choice. Ultimately, what makes fotoShout unique is our ability to direct traffic to specific online destinations with strong calls to action, custom incentives and unlimited promotional opportunities. Find out more at