Mighty Nish Band

25083 Highway 6, Omaha, NE

About Mighty Nish Band

The Mighty Nish Band not the typical cover band. We reinvent songs and make them our own. We surprise crowds by mixing and mashing your favorite tunes with a lot of fun and energy. Everyone from your great, great auntie to your youngest nephew will feel good and be on the dance floor. To keep the party going songs are chosen on-the-fly by reading the crowd. We give you more songs than other bands because, much like a great DJ, there is no break in the music. After each non-stop, interactive, all live set the party continues with your favorite recorded songs pumping through the 10,000 watt sound system. Of course, the music can be as loud or quiet as you want. At end of night your guests will be chanting ‘One more song!’ Why hire the Mighty Nish Band? The Mighty Nish Band will remember who we are working for – you. On and off the stage we will work harder than any band to make your event great. From our first contact until we say goodbye we are professional, courteous, honest, accommodating, and accessible. Most of our clients are true music lovers with very high expectations who are looking for truly unique entertainment for their event. The Mighty Nish Band is made up of four best friends who have been playing together in the Omaha, Nebraska and Iowa area since 1982. When performing we have the time of our lives and it shows. We have learned how to make our music sound great in any venue even at low volumes. Specializing in private parties and wedding receptions, we will work with you to make your event fun and memorable for all of your guests. If you want your event to be the best party of your life you should choose the Mighty Nish Band. Whatever event you are planning, the Mighty Nish Band can help you make any event great.