HD Entertainment

979 South Cedar Hills Street Olathe, KS
"Event Entertainment Crystal Clear" My name is Luke or DJ HD, and I am a disc jockey. I play and perform all genres of music. However, I specialize in dance music of all decades. I provide an affordable service by maintaining cost-effective equipment and focusing on using the tools that I have at my disposal. I take pride in making sure that no part of my services take away from the purpose of any event. Everything, from my equipment to my performance, is elegant and nonintrusive. My favorite part of entertaining is filling the dance floor and maintaining a crowd through the entirety of the event. I spend hours every week to make sure that my skills are always improving and my working knowledge of new and old music is always expanding. Being a DJ isn't a "gig" for me. It is a full-time job. I have built my company by myself from the ground up. From the beginning, I have always allowed the music to take precedence at every event. While I may be an eccentric person at times, when performing, I let my skills as a DJ control the crowd. I am not a goofy DJ, running around with props, costumes, and swag trying to entertain the crowd physically. If you are looking for that type of DJ, I am not that person. However, I am guilty of occasionally dancing with guests of the events, but it is always out of enjoyment for the music. Other than that, I will always make sure that my performances do not overshadow the purpose of an event. My services will never get in the way of any event, in regard to entertainment or equipment. I have a nonintrusive sound system that is big enough for most medium-sized events. I always have a few lights to help with livening up the atmosphere of the events. As depicted in my profile, all my equipment is name branded and well maintained. Additionally, I take as much time as it takes before an event to hide as much of my equipment as possible. I get all of the unsightly wires and cables out of sight or taped down with black gaff tape. It takes me about two hours to set up and prepare for an event, mostly because I take pride in the presentation of my equipment. A great photo opportunity can be ruined by unsightly equipment in the background, but there's no need to worry about that when hiring me. A Note from Luke My business name "High Definition Entertainment" may seem a bit ambiguous; however, I chose that name for good reason. High Definition is in reference to the new standard of media presentation "HDTVs". The great thing about HD media is it hides nothing. Every pixel is crystal clear; every wrinkle on your evening news caster's face is more visible than ever. My services are exactly like that. I am exactly like that. I hide nothing from my clients, and I am always honest. High Definition is really a reference to my integrity as a person and as a business owner. I am always crystal clear on who I am and the services I provide. As an entrepreneur, I have found that the greatest success I have had so far has been the journey itself. While some businesses are granted with a lot of credit or access to assets, I had none of that. I started this company when I was entering college. I had nothing. I bought my first turntable when I was in high school, and I wanted to build on that. I gained an affection for DJing after entertaining at a few events and learning the new escape for my musical talents. I bought another turntable and a mixer and was officially in business. Well, at least my bedroom was rockin'! I had a long way to go. Needless to say, a few years later, I have a complete professional rig. I have some lights, and I even have backup systems in place now. I did all of that while working in the service industry by saving money--what a huge accomplishment. In the summer of 2014, I am making a shift in my direction as a business owner. I am moving away from word of mouth and referrals and moving into some paid-agency gigs.