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Hello everyone, my name is Jessica and an avid animal lover. I am hosting a charity event for pets and children with special needs (special meaning anything they can't get help with) I.E. babies with cancer etc. Unfortunately my venue that was offered for free for the event was overtaken by a wedding that pays. The party is "freeish" any donation in any bucket is so helpful. I am working with shelters to bring adoptable pets, I'm asking for friendly farm animals that can be touched safely by children. Have pets for sale or free? Bring em. Bring pets just to party with us. Would love volunteered pot luck food or any donations that will kick this off without many hitches. Any more ideas accepted. Please pass along info. Looking to do in Augusta, Waterville or Oakland area. Thank you again and again. Also looking for donations to auction off. If you can't donate free.... Please Let me know how much for what. If you can donate time... You will receive gift bags. Choice of for you or your pets. Basically I've been abandoned. Like it seems as if horses are just fine being cold and hungry. Pets are being abused and starved. Most of all this poor mother and father knowing they have to plan a funeral for their two year old princess. As I say... The smallest casket weighs the most. Please help. I don't care if it's a drop in donation. Or party the night away and join our prize low cost auctions and raffles. So try. For them. Donate things that can just be helpful in any way. For anyone in need. For anything in need. Pets are people. They are everything love resembles. Show them you care back. Please please help. *NOT DISPLAYED* . Adoptions of multiple animals will be available. Come see. Bring your furbabies and your humans. You won't regret helping. I promise.