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Weddings Compass is a specially dedicated blog for wedding planning and decoration. Helpful blog posts providing details on choosing a suitable florist and the kinds of flowers to pick for your special day is very insightful. All the things you should know about flower arrangement, hints to select the right centerpieces, and what to look for in a wedding planner before hiring him/her is eloquently written about leaving nothing out. This blog will expand your wedding planning options and help you see what all you can work with to turn your special day into the dream wedding you wanted. The blog doesn’t just have articles for the day of the wedding alone. Soon to-be-brides or any online reader will be surprised to see information of wedding dress preservation mentioned in the blog. Weddings Compass insists that the preservation of the wedding dress is important. It shares with you the many preservation options, how your gown can be subjected to external and internal damages and risks. This way you can always look at your dress with fondness and be sure nothing will happen to it. For more information about planning for weddings or wedding decoration tips, visit and .