Deborah Coleman Photography

Oakland, CA

About Deborah Coleman Photography

Deborah Coleman is a professional photojournalist, and has worked in the industry for over a decade. She is a Poynter Institute Fellow, was posted at the White House during the Clinton administration, and worked as a photojournalist at The Palm Beach Post, The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, and The Contra Costa Times. She is now the full-time photographer and behind-the-scenes documentarian at Pixar Animation Studios. Deborah has worked directly with a wide range of subjects, from Heads of State, CEOs, actors, and directors, to rural villagers in Guatemala and monks in Cambodia. She is comfortable operating in both intimate and high-intensity situations, and has an eye for detail and a non-intrusive style. She captures and portrays the best of your day, using the light, camera angles, and subsequent post-production work to provide not just a set of pictures, but the memories of warmth, love and happiness that last a lifetime. Deborah has been nominated as Wedding Photographer of the Year by the San Francisco Chronicle.