RAAD Catering

662 Main Street, Oakbank, MB

About RAAD Catering

We combine our love for making creative and eye-catching food presentations for special events; with your desire to host a special event. " PERFECTION IS ACHIEVED NOT WHEN THERE IS NOTHING MORE TO ADD, BUT WHEN THERE IS NOTHING LEFT TO TAKE AWAY! " --------- We've combined... both a DREAM and a PASSION to become RAAD Catering. For every customer we receive, we create "stunning and appetizing" food presentations. Thank you for allowing us to pursue our DREAM and PASSION...through your order. Thank you! We're a innovative catering company that believes in combining memorable varieties of food with memorable customer needs. http://www.raadcatering.com/catered-highlights OUR STORY since 1991 OUR STORY It all began one day when Angie & Rosa.... We started catering family and friends’ events about 25 years ago. Growing up Italian, life revolved around food, family and friends. Each time we had an event, we were told that we need to do this as a business. Our love for the kitchen continued and we often treated colleagues to freshly baked food and delicious cakes. We always said one day we would own our own business. Nothing means more to us than seeing people around us happy because of what we offer and the enjoyment it brings into everyone’s lives. Our slogan “It’s just something we do for family” is how we treat all of our clients. We become part of your family as we celebrate the joys, accomplishments, and momentous occasions; we are there from the beginning. We are a family business. We are encouraged and supported by family & friends. We are proud to have maintained the same ideals and values throughout the years. We are stewards of God’s gifts, outstanding service to others, real & delicious food, and integrity; at every level. Every item we put out is created with the utmost care and attention to detail. Whether it’s a Bridal Shower, Rehearsal Dinner, Corporate Event or Funeral, we would be honored to host your event; as licensed caterers. Angie & Rosa