Shannon Thunderbird & Teya Peya Productions

Toronto, ON, North York, ON

About Shannon Thunderbird & Teya Peya Productions

• Power point Presentation(s) on the world of Indigenous People and our perspective on the twin elements of wisdom and courage and living in a good way. • Educational, often humorous Keynote addresses exploring the principals of living fearlessly from a First Nations perspective. • Everything old is new again: Teamwork, Consensus building -- the hallmarks of Indigenous cultures. • Sensitivity and importance of Indigenous Culture. • Singers, Women’s Traditional Dancers. • Gyemk ~Loop and K'ool Gyet Nah Hool Big Drums, including audience participation on the big drums and vocals. • Performance Stories with traditional & contemporary themes.
  • Special Features: The Thunderbird Native Theatre provides educational entertainment that is audience inclusive. Vocals, Big Drums, Dancing, include enthusiastic audience members (space permitting). Shows are fun, uplifting and highly entertaining.