Vancouver Birthday Fun

1624 Sutherland Avenue, North Vancouver, BC

About Vancouver Birthday Fun

Vancouver Birthday Fun provides children with a very unique birthday party experience.  If you're like me (I'm a father of 3) you've done it all.  Swimming parties, bowling parties, lazer tag, climbing gym, clowns, jugglers, etc, etc.... One of the problems with these types of parties is you don't walk away with a physical memory of that moment in your child's life.  My Jr. Rockstars songwriting/recording parties capture your children's creativity and voices on a digital CD that they all can take home.  This is a great memento that you will always have of your child's birthday experience. The great thing about Vancouver Birthday Fun is that every child at the party gets to design their own CD cover and take home their very own CD of the song they helped compose, perform, and record.  This takes care of your 'Goody Bag' needs! The icing on the cake is that Trevor Mason presents your child with a copy of Gogo Bonkers' award nominated album, 'Love The Land' as well as a copy of his new novel for kids, 'The Jethro Sirius Experiment'. Vancouver Birthday Fun is a 3 in 1 package in which your Entertainment, Goody Bags, and Birthday Present are all rolled into one great price!