121 Restaurant Catering

2 Dingle Ridge Road North Salem, NY
121 Restaurant Catering is located at North Salem, NY. 121 Restaurant Catering takes pride in high-quality food service backed by substantial value. Whether it is one of their locations, an associated venue or on-site at your address, 121 can partially or fully service your event. 121 Restaurant Catering can provide services for events such as in-home wine dinner, New England clambake, retirement, themed cocktail party, ladies luncheon, cooking class, fundraising, sporting event and much more. They can provide concept design, staffing, rentals, gifts and premiums all within your budget.
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ASLI is a modern Mediterranean personal chef and catering services, serving Canada and the United States. At ASLI we believe that every event has its own character, therefore the menu should be costume made and suitable for your budget. We always searching for the most unique ingredients and using an unusual cooking technique to bring you the best dining experience.