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While some people opt to leave a strip of hair at the front, others choose to remove the pubic hair during our Brazilian laser hair removal completely. Although waxing may leave the skin smooth for up to 3 or 4 weeks, ingrown hairs, scars, and even infections are common problems for females. The body seeks to get rid of the "foreign object" after the hair is stuck beneath the skin because the hair fights to break through the skin when it regrows. By eliminating the need for regular monthly waxing treatments at a salon, our Brazilian laser hair removal saves you time and is far less unpleasant! We take great satisfaction in using the most advanced and specialised medical-grade equipment globally at The Skin Agency. Being in business for more than ten years and the satisfying outcomes we have delivered for our customers are examples of our success. We are committed to being mindful of our customer's requirements and worries, especially when they are undergoing surgery for the first time.