Niagara Falls Chapel

1 1st Street, Niagara Falls, NY

About Niagara Falls Chapel

Whether you choose the Niagara Falls Chapel or the Buffalo Wedding Chapel, there are a myriad of locations to choose from. Outcroppings overlooking the falls, riversides, botanical gardens, the harbor, and many more, all offer beautiful natural backdrops for your special day. Besides beauty, we are also proud to boast affordability. Put all the stress of wedding planning aside, and look no further. Ceremony at a location of your choice around the Falls area designed by Harvey and you for $175.00.

Package Pricing

Niagara Falls Chapel Services
$65 - $125 /hour
Pricing for weddings only
  • Special Features: At Niagara Falls Chapel all couples are welcome! We offer a Minister, photography and video and can fulfill all your wedding needs! Niagara Falls Chapel offers the most beautiful locations for your destination Wedding. Plan your special day with us!