Michael Krisch - MAK Entertainment

Niagara Falls, NY

About Michael Krisch - MAK Entertainment

MAK Entertainment is owned and operated by Michael Krisch and is based out of Niagara Falls, NY. He provides many avenues of entertainment to make any party, bar/club, wedding, corporate engagement, or any other event that needs entertainment or a fun and unique time. First, Michael is a solo acoustic musician. He plays guitar and sings many of your favorite songs dating back to the 1950's and all the way to music heard on the radio today. Michael can simply play the guitar and make it a sing-a-long, or bring looping pedals and a vocal harmonizer to do something a little different and be able to play many parts at the same time and have multiple vocals at the same time. Michael is also an experienced professional DJ. He has performed at hundreds of events, bars, and weddings over his 10+ years in the entertainment field. Michael caters every performance to the crowd he is performing for and has knowledge of many different genres of music to keep everyone very happy and entertained. For weddings, Michael provides a full detailed music planner and guide to make sure that the most important aspects of the night are pre-arranged to make sure everything runs smoothly and there are no hiccups to interrupt the festivities. Finally, Michael is a Karaoke DJ with over 16,000 unique songs to choose from. Every genre is available and he can accommodate up to 4 individual microphones for larger groups. Michael will always be willing to get things going and sing a song or two, but this is more about letting you and your friends/clients be the entertainment; Michael is just there to keep things running smoothly. Michael will DJ between singers to make sure them music is running continuously with as little interruptions as possible. Michael can also provide all of these services at the same time, providing a great saving to you to have entertainment all day and all night.

Event Pricing

Normal Pricing
$75 - $100 /hour
Pricing for parties and meetings only