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Living Canvas Films is a subsidiary of Mirage Productions, Inc., our philosophy is simple. We will provide you with the best quality product, a unique video memory with you as the star. From our unique shooting and editing style, that mixes artistic and cinematic qualities enhanced by our utilization of movement, resulting in a video experience that is unduplicated. We provide professional, unobtrusive experienced staff to create your video memories. Only a video can immerse you back into the event, allowing you to feel and relive the experience as though you are there again. Living Canvas Films. is familiar with many local event venues such as the Prallsville Mill, Sayen Gardens, Mountain Lake House and many more. Our professional experienced staff will create a video memory of your special day with artistic and cinematic style that is unduplicated. We invite you to visit our portfolio page or call if you have any questions about packages. President and Owner, Brien Longobardi has quickly become a favorite in the area; having spent several years in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and Hollywood, CA., in developing a rich broad skill set. Brien brings his East Coast background to West Coast technology and techniques, blending them with his unmatched passion and capturing real emotion of the event resulting in a personalized video experience, while providing first class service. Brien’s clientele have represented the most influential and demanding industry insiders; including celebrities, directors and producers. Brien returned to New Jersey to form Mirage Productions Inc, to bring his expertise, philosophy and passion to creating your unique video experience. Put our experience to work for you. Our staff has utilized professional video production skills in many different facets of film and video production such as Documentaries, Music Videos, Reality TV, Dance school recitals, parades, sports, wedding, baby showers, school events, live theatre, bar mitzvahs, graduations & birthday parties … you name it, I’ve have covered, captured and created for our satisfied clients worldwide, you will receive professional coverage and unparalleled service no matter what type of video or event. At Living Canvas Films we have you covered.
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$750 Per Event


$750 Per Event


$1,295 Per Event


$1,795 Per Event


$2,195 Per Event


$2,495 Per Event
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R&D SKYVIEW ,LLC, Specializes in aerial and ground level videography and photography. With our advance equipment, the company is able to capture footage in 4k quality. Our drones are registered with the FAA and we are certfied for using UAVS for commercial use for an example such as concerts at venues as well as many different applications.The pricing is affordable along with superor 4k qaulity. With this advancement in technology even small buisness owners can benefit from our advertisement services for resteraunts, realastate, weddings, club events, Infrastructure inspections, security for events, land surveying and 3-D mapping of property for compter customization. Their are many more applications along withfv
WELCOME and THANKS for taking an interest in Mobile Video and Photography. We have over 25 years of expertise and are an extremely talented group of professional artists who have come together with the same passion to tell your wedding story with a fine art twist! We would love to meet and learn more about your most sacred day and would be happy to customize any of our packages so that it's exactly what you are hoping for! We have some very affordable packages this season! Truly our greatest reward is to take that very moment when two people promise to love each other forever and make that moment eternal. Your photography will include candid, formal, classic and photojournalist images with cinematic flair. Also our personal favorite documentary style photography! We look forward to the entire experience of working together! We truly love what we do – we are here to capture the natural beauty and true spirit of your wedding day while letting you have the time of your life. * We can customize any package for you * We have the highest quality at an affordable price * We offer payment plans if needed * You own all rights to reprint So please take a moment and visit our website. We would love to hear from you - please feel free to call us anytime!
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$999-$3,299 per event
When your wedding day is over, all that is left are your memories. Don't let the most important day of your life slip by without preserving it on video! Photos capture a few moments in time, but only video can truly immerse you back into your special day, year after year. TLJ Studios offers a wide range of high-quality video packages to suit every budget, need and desire. Contact us today - we look forward to hearing from you!