Wow! Balloons - Creative Event Balloon Decor!

Newton, MA

About Wow! Balloons - Creative Event Balloon Decor!

Did you know that balloons can talk? Walk? Change color during the party? Explode? Be much larger than life? The idea for our decorational service is to invent something new for every event (unless our customer likes something in our photo gallery). Our designer meets the event coordinator (be it an IBM party or a small birthday) on site and they discuss possibilities until the client likes the idea. especially large one, much better on the same budget. Balloon decorations can be done in any style, from very conservative to super contemporary. With balloons, you can change the visual space, create focal points, make the room larger or smaller. Create a sculpture or a huge display in a fraction of time any other decoration would require and still stay ON BUDGET. The list of benefits is endless!