About DJ Johnny Hook

Hello, My name is Johnny Hook, I'm a professional club-style DJ, spinning music since the Early the late 70'S. I've played at some of the most famous dance clubs in Dallas, Houston, NY/NJ, Miami-South Beach, etc. I spin music from any and all genres. I spin 50’s/60’s Rock/Motown, 70's Trash/NY Disco; 80's Retro/80's Underground/80's House; 90's Top-40/House/Techno, 00's. Of course I have all the latest and hottest popular dance music of today, along with special mixes and edits for the party goers. I also have a huge library of MP-4 music videos, if need be. My mix/overlays and phrasing is second to none! Also, I have great Mic and MC skills, as required. I can customize the music presentation to fit any party situation. Let’s talk soon about your party or event. Thank you! Johnny Hook Professional DJ Phone: *NOT DISPLAYED* *NOT DISPLAYED*