Faze 2 Enta-tainment

42 Chatsworth Place, New Rochelle, NY

About Faze 2 Enta-tainment

In 2002, Faze 2 started doing events in the New York City area in collaboration with the "Live on 5th" franchise, in order to put life back into the party and club scenes. The collaboration set up events and showcased entertainment through New York’s 5th Avenue from 14th Street to 51st Street. People enjoyed the musical arrangement and rotation from the deejays, so they started making requests for Faze 2 to appear at other venues. Faze 2 started to travel and perform in different states such as New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, etc... Not only were there requests for deejays to play in the clubs, but requests for weddings, birthday parties, and corporate events too. Now in 2007, Faze 2 Enta-tainment has traveled the East Coast to do events for so many. They have done events from weddings in Massachusetts, to Anniversaries in South Carolina. Faze 2's goal is to be one of the top Deejay / Entertainment companies in America. So, when you are searching for the right music for your event, contact "Faze 2 Enta-tainment." Ask around and check us out, and you will see why we are "America’s Most Wanted Deejays." Call us at *NOT DISPLAYED* or email us at *NOT DISPLAYED* or *NOT DISPLAYED* or myspace.com/faze2ent