R and D Catering and Banquet

1490 131st St, New Richmond, WI


Bon Appetite - An Eventective User from Baldwin, WI

Ready Randy's out of New Richmond is an excellent source for your catering needs. For our wedding, we had the reception in house, so we had a larger selection of food to choose from. If you are doing an offsite wedding/reception, they have a separate menu. Our menu consisted of two meats. We chose based on what my wife and I both wanted. She chose chicken Kiev and I had roast beef. You also have the option of having a third meat if you want more variety. Their variety if amazing with 12 different styles of meat to choose. You also chose a vegetable, potato, and salad. If you are doing an off-site event/wedding, they have 8 different ""menus"" to choose from (including tacos, chicken alfredo, stuffed chicken, and stirfry). These menus even include plates and utensils in their costs. The cost, for in-house, is comparable to any other catering service that we visited with. The benefit of Ready Randy's was that there food selection was much more broad and included items other than the ""standard"" ham and turkey or baked chicken. The food that we had couldn't have been prepared any better. The chicken keiv and roast beef were both amazing. We couldn't believe how many people (even months after the wedding) talked to us about how much they loved the food and wanted to go there to eat or for a special occasion. We have gone back a few times since to eat at the restaurant and couldn't be more happy with the quality of service, food, and staff.