Elyse Rochelle Photography

New Albany, IN

About Elyse Rochelle Photography

I'm a portrait and wedding photographer based in New Albany, Indiana. It's a hop, skip, or boat ride over the Ohio River which leads right into the heart of Louisville, Kentucky. I'm a die hard Disney fan, book lover, fangirl of Marvel, LoTR, Doctor Who, & Harry Potter and I love football. How did I fall in love with photography? That's an easy one. My Dad. He did photography on the side when he was my age, and I guess I inherited that love. And I love that I can still involve him and my Mother in my photography obsession. You might see them in the background with me at shoots on occasion. What's my style of photography? I love capturing moments. Those little moments between a couple when they don't think I'm not taking a shot, or that moment when a Dad sees his little girl in her wedding dress. I strive to capture the moments you want to remember for the rest of your life. I have a more journalist style. I don't want my clients looking too posed or ridged. I'm here to capture the moments you want me too.